Leading the future of
green smart packaging
Leading the future of
green smart packaging
Leading the future of
green smart packaging
Dual circulation mode

Relying on nationwide outlets and massive recycling packaging pools, ALCO provides customers with two types of returnable packaging rental services, dynamic rental and static rental, and continuously explores and optimizes packaging operation solutions from the perspective of supply chain management.
Linking upstream and downstream production and distribution to achieve information flow synchronization and efficient management has won the favor of many customers.

Green the future

Sustainability is a social responsibility of ALSCO, and globally, the benefits of the circular economy and enhanced sustainability include material optimization, innovative revenue streams, enhanced stakeholder relationships and brand reputation, and reduced risk.

  • Annual sleeve box turnover times
  • Approximately million fewer trees will be cut down
  • Save tree area equivalent to football fields
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by tons
Focus on industries

Innovation never stops. ALSCO's recycling packaging solutions have been applied on a large scale in the automotive field, and we continue to enrich low-carbon supply chain packaging solutions in new energy vehicles, photovoltaics and other fields to meet the application needs of customers in multiple scenarios.

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